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Fresh Food Turmeric Powder 200Gm


Fresh Food Turmeric Powder 200Gm


Fresh Food Turmeric Powder 200Gm

Turmeric powder is an organic spice with extensive and multiple uses. Use it as a spice in your food or use it for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, it works wonders instantly. It is regarded as a key ingredient in various Indian, Thai, Pakistani, and Persian dishes. It is also used as a coloring agent in South Asian cuisine. Turmeric powder’s use dates back to Vedic Indian culture. It’s an age-old remedy for cold and sore throat, just sprinkle some turmeric powder in a cup of milk along with ghee and honey for cough relief. Turmeric powder is also widely used in the textile industry for dyeing purposes. It is amazingly useful to stop bleeding due to small injuries without burning, as it possesses antiseptic properties. Cooking in an Indian kitchen seems incomplete without Haldi powder and its yellow tinge. Get this turmeric powder for that extra flavor and color. All products are organic certified.


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